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I’m so sweaty and hungry. Gonna run twice this much in 3 months and try to do it 30 sec/ mile faster. No biggie… 😳

Thankful for friends to run and laugh with!

Long run time! Planning to do the extra .1 after the 13 so I can humble brag about running a half marathon today.

It’s so super nice out right now after the monsoon we had all day yesterday. Yussss.

I got my first e-mail about trying out a running product. I think the person got my contact info from the RRCA coaches mailing list, and I offered to also review the product here. Wondering if anyone else with a coaching cert. has been contacted like this before?

I feel like I’m finally a real boy blogger.

No hills today because tomorrow is long run day. I’m planning to include some hills in my long run to compensate for the lack of hill training this week. I noticed this morning that I’m about 1/3 through this training cycle and a little over 3 months out. What?

Today’s run was motivated primarily by breakfast daydreams and the fact that I want tonight off so Kyle and I can have date time before I go to PA for a few days. Also it’s just so. freaking. hot in the afternoons now. Gross.

And yeah, HOLY HUMIDITY. It never ceases to amaze me just how humid Virginia can be in the summer. Sometimes I pretend I’m a warrior in the rain forest, which can make it less annoying to run in this mess. Do what you gotta do.

Then the best thing happened. It started to rain for the last .3 miles, which was simply glorious after such a hot/sticky run. Cool, satisfying, persistent rain. The kind that just makes you lift your hands and face to the sky with pleasure. It’s the little moments like this that keep running great for me.

Overall pace was around 9:15/mile, 3.14 miles because pi. And also pie.

6 miles at an easy 9:20 pace today. It’s really exciting to me to feel my effort going down for runs. Now I’m nervous about screwing up my progress or getting injured. Much optimism :)

There were a lot of people running this morning. One girl in particular creeped up behind us and we could tell she had made us a target to pass. My partner and I both were like “Nope” and picked up our pace until we turned to keep her from overtaking us. The funniest/ most awkward thing was that I didn’t even know she was there until I looked back and noticed her staring us down. It always makes runs more interesting to get a little competitive with the other people out there!

For the longest time Kyle used to make fun of some of the healthy stuff I keep in the house. He’s come around on a lot of it once he realized that healthy eating is actually delicious if you do it right.

At one point he didn’t like hummus… now he eats more of it than I do. And for a while he didn’t understand almond milk. Well. Yesterday I was heading out to do my tempo and he was in the kitchen. I came right back in after I had left, because I’d forgotten something. Lo and behold there he was with the fridge open and the Silk in his hand, poised to drink it from the carton. We both stared at each other.

"You were supposed to be going running…"

"I am. But… Kyle… what are you doing? Is this a serial thing?"

"…. Yes."

So now I know why the almond milk seems to be disappearing so much faster :)

Who knows, maybe one day he will come around on chia seeds!

Y’all might have heard of a little running blog called hungryrunnergirl.com

No biggie but my pup is on there right now :) Fangirl mode like you don’t even know.

I should probably be grossed out by getting a spit bath by my dog after I run, but I am not. 3 tempo miles at 7:55 average pace, 88 and humid out. I hope this means tempos are making me faster! I’d like to prevent slowing down during marathon training like I did last time. Tempos are tough but also a nice way to switch it up and stretch out the speed muscles. Choosing a favorite between long/slow and short/fast is like choosing between Ben and Jerry… can’t do it.

Also I am still doing my July 50 pushups and 200 situps a day challenge. Chump change to some of you, but I have noticed slightly more arm/ab definition so that’s pretty cool. Or maybe I’m just more tan than a month ago… haha. (Really though)

Do you ever go to the store and get some new stuff that you immediately become obsessed with and wonder how you went so long without eating that new stuff?

Costco does this to me sometimes. Here is a wrap with approximately 1 gallon of hummus on some flatbread from the C-co. So good.

I also got coconut flour and have died 3 times at how good it tastes and how good it is for you. Already made vegan blondies and discovered that coconut flour mixed with yogurt, honey, and fruit tastes like cheesecake.

If you have any great coconut flour recipes, please share! I may never eat anything else for breakfast again.

Just popping in again to give y’all some tongue.

Awkward sweat problems- these shorts. 6 easy detox and recovery (read: too much Chardonnay last night) miles today with a friend who recently got engaged. Talking about wedding stuff for an hour was wonderful. I love love!

8 miles yesterday at 8:59 or so. Too fast. But running by feel, that felt good. Not too easy, not too hard. I think that the double digit runs later on will keep me from getting to big for my britches with pace :)

It has been a nice weekend so far. Plenty of friends, wine, fire pitting, and outside-ing. Also, today is pup’s birthday! We got this new rug and he approves. Later we will go on a birthday walk and to the dog park to sniff some birthday butts.

I have to fiddle with this week’s mileage, since I’m traveling to Pittsburgh this weekend for a wedding. Friday will be 13 miles, hopefully split between a couple of running buddies. My friends are so gracious.

The plan-

Sun- 6 easy
Mon- Cross/ rest
Tues- 3 tempo
Wed- 6 easy (add MP pickups?)
Thurs- 3 easy
Fri- 13
Sat- Extreme wedding dancing
Sun- 6 easy, may do less depending on travel stuff.

Have a funday Sunday y’all!