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Every Real Housewives ever is on Hulu. I may never leave this couch.

Yes mom, that would be just fine.

Yes mom, that would be just fine.

On Saturday we did our 13.1 mile long run and it was one of the hardest runs of my life. Lead legs, cramps, fatigue… Ugh. Came out with around a 9:15 pace, which is okay for the humidity. If I hadn’t been with a friend I would have quit at mile 5 or walked a lot more.

Sunday- 4 ish easy untimed anniversary nature miles with K

Monday- 30 minutes HIIT spinning aka puddle o sweat making

Tuesday- Long walk. I had 4 on the schedule but took it easy because my calf muscle was howling. Better safe than sorry at this point in training. I’d rather get to the starting line healthy and excited than injured and exhausted- even if that means missing a couple of runs or rearranging the “perfect” plan :)

Wednesday- 8 at 9:27 which was easy and conversational

Thursday- 4 

Friday- doing 10 to get it done so I can travel this weekend

Saturday- 5

Sunday- 5

Got us a new cat

i carry your heart.

Happy 1 year of marriage to my soulmate- thanks for making me laugh constantly, for your gentle and sweet heart, and for cleaning up the dog’s poop more often than I do.

Did it. Check out that shorts tan.

Today I followed through on my promise to myself to start counseling. The therapist I met with thinks I would benefit most from a group counseling atmosphere, which is once a week for 90 minutes. The groups are heterogenous. So everyone presents with different struggles and strengths, rather than a group just for people with anxiety or just for people with body image challenges.

This is way out of my comfort zone but I am trying to be open to new things. It’s also funny because I will be taking a course on group this semester, so it will be cool to see it from the perspective of both counselor (in the course) and client.

The therapist also suggested I meet with a nutritionist at the health center to review my health and eating goals, and to get a professional opinion about what I eat, how I eat, and what my body needs.

This is all free to me as a full time student, and I could not be more thankful. You never know what resources you have!

Take care of yourself.


Saw OCMS on Sunday. The lawn setting and their amazing showmanship made this one of the best concerts I have ever attended. I was covered in other people’s beer and sweat by the end, and loved every minute of knee slapping bluegrass goodness.

I made this pasta dish with chicken, grape tomatoes, and noodles tossed in butter and herbs. Simple and delicious.

I have been playing fetch with pup for… An hour? I need a new show to watch on Hulu because I finished the Mindy Project. Maybe I should get a book like a civilized human being.

Love my new job. Love it so much.

My legs are tired. Today isn’t bad but yesterday I literally dreaded having to move and just felt so drained.

Our one year anniversary is coming up! Our 4 year date-iversary was yesterday!

This week in running:
Sun- 5 easy recovery - I have been doing these runs on trail/crushed gravel to get a break from the asphalt and cement.

Mon- elliptical and people watching. I love creeping on people while I do cardio.

Tues- 4 tempo at 8:28. Much slower than my usual tempo pace but I was proud to be out there on TIRED legs this morning in the worst humidity. Gross.

Wed- 8 easy

Thurs- 4 easy

Fri- rest

Sat- 13.1 race pace (shooting for 9 min miles- wish me luck!) which means we are halfway to race day, folks!


16 miles today (with a forgotten watch restart obviously) in some very pleasant temps! It was still pretty humid, but this felt good. I wouldn’t be able to continue this pace for 26 miles, but that’s why I have 2 more months of training :)

Today I might stop by the farmer’s market. I’d also like to take pup to the dog park. For now it’s watching The Women of SNL and a hearty breakfast.

Happy weekend!

That awkward moment when you are so sweaty that you leave a sweat stain on the seat after you leave an important meeting with your department chair.

And this is after showering and putting on a dress. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.