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I baked a cake.

Peanut butter cake with chocolate buttercream. Now for operation “transport cake without a cake carrier”

"Dirty laundry"? More like "throne of chew toys just for me"

This was with forgetting to pause at a couple of water stops and included some sick hills. I did not die and actually feel really good aside from some minor stiffness. Maybe this whole “training” thing is working after all ;)

Just gotta stay strong and healthy for a little longer. Only 5 more long runs til taper- three 20 milers and two 12’s. At this point I feel that it will be close with the 4:00 cutoff, but I know I have put my best into training so far and plan to continue that until the finish line- barring any crisis. My biggest goal is to enjoy the race and finish strong and happy. And to pr… :) I think the sub 4 goal will just depend on how I feel that day.

Question- do you keep your watch on during races? I normally do, but am contemplating running with a pace group and just ditching the Garmin altogether. I think it can either be my best friend or worst enemy. I would love to hear your insights please!

I have found that a few sips of Nuun/water every 3 miles or so, shot blocks every 5 miles, and poptarts 1.5-2 hours before works pretty well. Thankful for all these upcoming 20 milers to keep working on a good fueling/hydration plan and to hopefully build more confidence for the big day!

Happy Saturday!

I’m in bed at 8:15 on a Friday night. 19 miles tomorrow! But first, New Girl season 3 and spooning with my friend Jango Bear.

I am selling an amazing new product called “Eating Better and Moving Your Ass”. Please inquire within for details!

Kyle made chicken fried rice that tasted just like it was cooked in a restaurant tonight. Let us all give him props, dear internet.

9 miles at 8:59 average today. This felt steady and strong, maybe not quite “easy” but I didn’t feel like it used up all I had. I was proud of getting out there, because my usual running buddy is nursing a knee issue so I was flying solo and had no girl talk to distract me.

What do you do when you get passed by other runners? I love passing people. I find that when most guys pass me, I shrug it off. But I have a hard time letting other girls pass me. Today around mile 6 I was plodding along at a nice slow pace when a very serious girl who we’ll call Sports Bra ran by me. I thought “hmm, this is a good opportunity to pick up the pace a little”… and so I caught up to her.

I have found in my very empirical field research that people who work out with no shirt- males and females alike— tend to take themselves very seriously. Sports Bra was no exception to this rule. As a very average looking and performing runner, I like to see how my performance measures up to the Grecians every now and then. We leap frogged for a few blocks and stayed within a few yards of each other before she DEAD OUT SPRINTED about half a block ahead of me, then turned the corner as soon as she could. She was not interested in fartlek friend making. Sigh.

It always makes me laugh how a lot of us HATE to be passed— myself included. The best is at the track when people will sprint just enough to get past you, then stop running. I want to let them know that it doesn’t count when you play that way :)

Red stuff in a glass


Clean house after 3 hours of deep cleaning

Painting our $12 Goodwill find

Weiner dog trail running (the confused stares never get old)

Just a really nice Sunday that finally feels like fall :)

Update: still alive. May cry from mix of euphoria and soreness.

Poptarts with coffee at 4:30. Must be long run day! Packed extra Nuun and shot blocks AND honey stinger this morning.

I am honestly terrified of running 18 today. The heat is so brutal that I’m starting earlier than the team to try and beat the sun as much as I can. Unfortunately you can’t avoid the humidity.

Just gotta go slow, hydrate, and know that these difficult runs are the ones that will help me most come race time. Only 8 weeks left! That’s about 6 or 7 long runs. Weird.

Also— sorry I have been MIA- grad school and general life are apparently time consuming.