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Kyle with some math textbooks that he is reading for fun.

"That looks like the Grinch’s poop".

- Kyle, in reference to my kale and blueberry smoothie

Not a bad way to kick off Thursday. 3 miles by the river at an easy 9:16 pace. The river is a bit high today from all the rain we got the other day.

Thought about running.

Decided to eat all the things and watch Netflix with cone bear instead.

Yesterday we had storms and rain all day. It was nice because it drove down the pollen count, so I wasn’t scratching my eyeballs constantly. As many of you can probably sympathize, I try to avoid the treadmill whenever I can because it’s boring and I never feel like I run the same way on it. Not to knock it completely— I’m glad we have one for when it’s too dark/cold/etc. to run outside, but it’s not my favorite. Especially since I’ve exhausted all of my current binge watching options on Netflix. I just finished season 2 of New Girl and Schmidt has joined Chelsea’s Definitive List of Top 5 Sitcom Characters Ever.

I decided to run outside in the rain and did not regret this decision. It was probably low 60’s or so, which was a little chilly to start but wound up feeling nice as I got sweaty. As long as I don’t have an iPod or iPhone to ruin, running in the rain (when it’s warmer out) is one of my favorite things.

1. It’s never crowded out

2. It’s refreshing and makes me feel like a kid in a water park splash house

3. The smells—- I’m obsessed with sniffing the fresh air different times of the year (is that crazy?). In the spring, the smell of the wet earth, fresh cut grass, and blooming plants is intoxicating.

It’s also really nice to sit on the porch and listen to the rain come down. It was a little too cold to do this last night, but I’m so excited for spring and summer rain storms.

I wound up doing 4 miles at an 8:34 pace. This makes me a little concerned about the reality of a PR at the Carytown 10K, but I’m not really sweating it. I feel good about the PR I set at Monument and I am completely mindful that not every race can be a PR race.

What do you think about running in the rain?

The blurry phone photo makes those look like fingers, but they’re carrots!

Simple, fast, and healthy. Normally I am not much of a salad person, but I have been on a salad kick recently for work lunches. Mostly because it is so quick and easy. This week is spinach, steamed carrots, and chicken/chicken sausage/ some other protein. I like making my own dressing with oil, vinegar, and Mrs. Dash. We got a giant bottle of balsamic vinegar at Costco and I have been adding it to everything. If you have a Costco near you… Join it. If only for the free samples and nothing else.

I have also been eating oatmeal with cashews and fruit like… Every morning. And sometimes for dinner.

Thus I am seriously reaching a new level of lazy with meals. Tonight I have to make a real dinner involving the stovetop and I may have forgotten how to use an oven, stay tuned.

Running this week so far-
Sunday: 3 miles around Forest Hill lake at 8:24

Monday: 3 untimed miles

I don’t really have a training plan right now and need to fix that if I am going to do a half in a month (Yeah I know that’s the second time I’ve said that in the past week). Everything going on recently has felt so overwhelming and I like letting running be the one less structured area of my life. It’s nice to go when I want, where I want, for as long as I want. Sometimes you’re in the training zone and sometimes you aren’t.

I notice that I am constantly taking pictures when out running and I love finding new routes around here. Would anyone be interested in reading details/ reviews of different popular running areas in Richmond? It would be like a little series with a new addition every couple of weeks. Or is that a little self-indulgent?

Happy Tuesday! What are your go to lazy meals?

Pictures you can capture as an early bird.

6 river miles at an 8:45 or so pace. Perfect weather, hello!

Jango survived the vet and now has a cone of shame. We weren’t going to have him use it but he loves to lick his crotch.

Dinner tonight is something I am pretty proud of- Mahi mahi marinated all day in lime juice, vinegar, a squeezed clementine and spices with homemade guac. Lime juice in your guac- do it! I love lime flavor a disproportionately high amount.

Congrats to those who raced today!

A very fond “Bye Felicia” to my 10 days of clean eating. Kyle and I split the dinner but not the booze.

5 miles at an 8:45 ish pace yesterday at Belle Isle. It’s officially spring time because all the 18 year olds were on the rocks with PBR and no clothes. I try not to be the grouchy old lady but come on… It is not time to tan right now. We haven’t even had Easter bunny candy yet.

Today I get to go on a long walk with Kyle and the puppy, then dinner from Chipotle and Wolf of Wall Street. There will also be a stop at the wine store right after work.

Tomorrow I am aiming for at least an hour of running. I’m supposedly running the Carytown 10K in a couple of weeks and the Historic Half in a month. Probably should train or something.

This weekend will hopefully be pretty low key and sunny. What are you up to?