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3 mile tempo at 8:00 avg yesterday
7 miles easy ish at 9:30 avg today

My legs FELT it this morning and this was one of the first mornings where I haven’t been motivated or excited about training. Despite the cool temps (like 60!) this morning, I was not in the mood. As usual, I was glad I went once I finished.

The hardest part of marathoning: training. Forget race day. The real struggle is all the 4 AM wakeups, the days where you hate it, the chaffing, the bad weather, and the constant journey of choosing to run vs not. THAT is what’s hard, y’all. At least for me. How do you stay motivated? I remember hitting a huge mental wall halfway through marathon training last time and I’d love to have that not happen.

In other news, I killed this Alfredo recipe recently. It’s actually a cheddar sauce because we didn’t have parmesan cheese, but it uses greek yogurt and skim milk instead of heavy cream, and a little bit of butter, little bit of cheese. I don’t have an exact recipe because it needs a couple of tweaks, but if I make it again I’ll share! Basically if you google “light Alfredo greek yogurt” you will find recipes much better than my mediocrity ;)

Aaaaand I love Gillian Flynn. This is the last book of hers I have left to read so Gillian please get yourself to work on something else for me when this is done. Thanks girl.

I read it sometimes the same way I would read Perez or People… it’s like celeb gossip, but about bloggers. It’s typically pretty funny, sometimes enlightening, and sometimes the people there can cross the line.

A lot of times this is my face while reading:

In general, it makes me really happy that only about 50 people read my blog because I would never be able to weather the criticism that some bloggers get there.

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of it or reads it!


When my boss tries to schedule meetings for late Friday afternoon

This. Sometimes I don’t even watch them if they’re less than a minute.

You know it was a great weekend when you still need Monday to fully recover.

Friday- did my long run, relaxed around the house and headed up to Baltimore to meet up with my best friend. I got to stop at Wegman’s for dinner (and cookies) and play with her cat while I waited for her to get home.

Saturday- left for Pittsburgh around 8. Lots of time in the car to catch up. Made it to the ceremony right on time to see our college roommate marry her soul mate. Weddings make me so emotional— just seeing how beautiful my friend looked, how much she and her new husband adore each other, and getting to be part of their special day was such a treat. It made me really sentimental about my own wedding and I think I texted Kyle “I love you” at least 100 times. The reception was at this BEAUTIFUL restaurant in Mount Washington. Look at that view. Just look at it. We had a lot of fun dancing and the people at our table were a blast. The food and wine were amazing and I can say with absolute confidence that it is way more fun to be a wedding guest than to be the bride :)

Sunday I was basically in the car (aka my personal hell) all day. I did get dinner (and cookies) at Whole Foods, got to talk on the phone with a good friend, and listened to Freakonomics radio and Jillian Michaels. Also went for an easy, untimed trail run with my best friend before leaving in hopes of 1. Detoxing and 2. Being less road ragey. It was needed.

Today I am resting and going to my favorite restaurant for lunch soon. Did 4 easy miles this morning and hoping to get in some river time this afternoon. It’s good to be home! I have 9 work days left until my new job starts, an anniversary to look forward to, and I am actually looking forward to having classes again.

Hope your weekend was great! Tell me what you did!

How can I be productive today? How can I do that when it means waking up this bear cub from his neck nuzzling nap?

I’m so sweaty and hungry. Gonna run twice this much in 3 months and try to do it 30 sec/ mile faster. No biggie… 😳

Thankful for friends to run and laugh with!

Long run time! Planning to do the extra .1 after the 13 so I can humble brag about running a half marathon today.

It’s so super nice out right now after the monsoon we had all day yesterday. Yussss.

I got my first e-mail about trying out a running product. I think the person got my contact info from the RRCA coaches mailing list, and I offered to also review the product here. Wondering if anyone else with a coaching cert. has been contacted like this before?

I feel like I’m finally a real boy blogger.

No hills today because tomorrow is long run day. I’m planning to include some hills in my long run to compensate for the lack of hill training this week. I noticed this morning that I’m about 1/3 through this training cycle and a little over 3 months out. What?

Today’s run was motivated primarily by breakfast daydreams and the fact that I want tonight off so Kyle and I can have date time before I go to PA for a few days. Also it’s just so. freaking. hot in the afternoons now. Gross.

And yeah, HOLY HUMIDITY. It never ceases to amaze me just how humid Virginia can be in the summer. Sometimes I pretend I’m a warrior in the rain forest, which can make it less annoying to run in this mess. Do what you gotta do.

Then the best thing happened. It started to rain for the last .3 miles, which was simply glorious after such a hot/sticky run. Cool, satisfying, persistent rain. The kind that just makes you lift your hands and face to the sky with pleasure. It’s the little moments like this that keep running great for me.

Overall pace was around 9:15/mile, 3.14 miles because pi. And also pie.

6 miles at an easy 9:20 pace today. It’s really exciting to me to feel my effort going down for runs. Now I’m nervous about screwing up my progress or getting injured. Much optimism :)

There were a lot of people running this morning. One girl in particular creeped up behind us and we could tell she had made us a target to pass. My partner and I both were like “Nope” and picked up our pace until we turned to keep her from overtaking us. The funniest/ most awkward thing was that I didn’t even know she was there until I looked back and noticed her staring us down. It always makes runs more interesting to get a little competitive with the other people out there!

For the longest time Kyle used to make fun of some of the healthy stuff I keep in the house. He’s come around on a lot of it once he realized that healthy eating is actually delicious if you do it right.

At one point he didn’t like hummus… now he eats more of it than I do. And for a while he didn’t understand almond milk. Well. Yesterday I was heading out to do my tempo and he was in the kitchen. I came right back in after I had left, because I’d forgotten something. Lo and behold there he was with the fridge open and the Silk in his hand, poised to drink it from the carton. We both stared at each other.

"You were supposed to be going running…"

"I am. But… Kyle… what are you doing? Is this a serial thing?"

"…. Yes."

So now I know why the almond milk seems to be disappearing so much faster :)

Who knows, maybe one day he will come around on chia seeds!